Privacy notice of sketcharama - the better alternative to isketch


This site/game was written by Andreas Treubert (also called Devbert).

Google Analytics

In Sketcharama will be general data collected over Google analytics and Hotjar. Who might collect / use your personal or general data. Your data will be transmitted to us only in general reports. We can not influence the privacy notice by Google analytics and Hotjar, you can find it here


This site shows ads from PropellerAds and Chitika. This service might collect your personal data, please check the privacy notice of Chitika and PropellerAds to get a actual overview which data will be collected. We get only a general overview about the ad viewings and clicks.

Share and like buttons

In Sketcharama are share and like buttons from twitter and facebook displayed. There could be send personal informations to facebook or twitter. The privacy notice of facebook and twitter you will find on the following links. We could not influence the privacy notice of Twitter and Facebook.


With normal use will be next to Analytics, Revenuehits and hotjar partially games recorded. This means your chat input and your drawing will be submitted, but no username and ip address will be submitted, so the data is anonymous. The background of this behavior is, we will offer new players rooms that are not empty, so they will play with a old recording of another game or room.

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